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Daily Market Minutes Podcast

Listen to daily podcast on Indian market and prepare yourself for the day. You will get the podcast every morning before the market start.

Market minutes Podcast

Money Control News

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EconomicTimes News

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Why market news are important?

Well, we all know to keep ourselves up to date, we have to gain knowledge from some sources and news are the very important source of information and knowledge.

Those who are indulges in stock market and do trading and investing, they should know what is going on in the stock market. They must be aware of the global market and how the world is doing?, how the local companies are doing? and what happened yesterday?

Remaining up to date in the market will help you better observer and analyst which will help you to make better investor and trader.

Are the news trustworthy?

Should I depend on the Internet news? you may have this question in your mind like how truthful internet news are? Are these even legit?

Well, the short answer is we cannot trust most of the websites as we don’t know what they are writing is true or not. But keep in mind, there are some trustworthy websites on the internet whom we can trust.

Like moneycontrol, etmarket, mint, business standard etc. These websites are well known on the internet and they publish the news after verification only.

What type of news should I read?

You can get any type of news you want like sports, politics, education, money, finance law.

Our displays best and latest news related to Indian stock market and money, if someone interested they can simply visit and ready daily news.

How can I get latest news?

There are many ways to get the latest news.

Many websites offer email facility where you can give them your email and they will sent you daily news details.

other method is you can enable news alert like google news offer alerts and you can enable any type of news alert. e.g if you want to know about news updates on “world cup” you can set the alert for that. These alerts you can receive on your email.